Saturday, July 10, 2010

take me out to the Ballpark...take me out to the game

It was a quick trip to Seattle and back, we went for Gracie's 1st professional baseball game, to watch the Mariners!  What a great time she had.  We had wonderful box seats and all the frills to set a high expectation baseline very high for our little girl!  The weather was hot!!  About 95 degrees, and right off Elliot Bay, the air was like a sauna.  Luckily, cool drinks and awesome ballpark food kept us all happy.  Our little crowd favorite was the Prime Rib Nachos...
These things are so stinkin good!!  I don't know how many points they are on Weight Watchers, luckily I'm not a member, LOL!   Gracie was completely into the American past-time with her Cotton-Candy, Peanuts and Hot Dog treat.  
But really what was the most impressive was to hear Gracie know all the words to the Seventh Inning Stretch!  My six year old can belt out that tune with the best of them, what a proud moment!  Whether you are a true Baseball Sports Fan, or like me, a fan of the past-time moment, going to a summertime game is a glimpse into a nostalgia.   The atmosphere, the food and the fans have hardly changed throughout the years, only the tickets prices have (eeekk, ouch!).  

(no pic with Zack, he stayed home with friends =( )

Wanna have some old fashioned summertime fun??  Go out to the Ballpark and support your Favorite American Baseball Team and don't forget to sing the Seventh Inning Stretch!

Happy Trail My Friends!

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