Sunday, January 23, 2011

Create U is Coming Soon!!

I am excited that another CreateU Event is just around the corner!  What a great way to break-up the winter doldrums!  For the are the some pics from last year, a glimpse of what to expect!

First...your leader...Tresa!!!  Ok Girls...we are mostly inside but there a buildings we walking between so as Tresa is so fashionably demonstrating...dress for warmth!

A picture of the view...sorry I didn't get many of these

The some classes from last year...

Bren's Jewelry Class

Bren and Denise

Denise's beautiful wall-hanging

 A then there's Nona...
Water Colour Card Class

Nona and me (very bad pic of me and my falling out hair...long story)

Denise and her completed "Spring" Banner...Whoo Hoo!!

And there's the food

No worries...the dishes are on the Camp

So are you wondering about Charm Swaps?  Here are some pics from last year...

There was a contest for best card and layout...I won the layout contest...WOW, I never win!
Yippee...again Bad Hair!  (again...long story)

These were last year's teachers...what a beautifully talented group of girls...Love them all!

Watch out for Donna...her spirit is contagious!

So ya know what they say about idle hands...scrapbook hands are even naughty-er when idle!!  This is evidence of our bubble blowing contest.  Rule #1 Never use sugar-free gum (which we did)...Yuck!!  The after-taste is so horrible and the bubbles puny!
I know was bad! it girl!

 Again, did I mention how difficult sugar-free gum is?

And then there is the friendship...old and new...

Kendra and Christina

Deanna...ignoring us while on her iPod

2010 Alumni...I can't wait to do it all again!
See you soon!


  1. What awesome photos!! (and *I* don't think you have bad hair in any of them!)

    I soooo cannot wait for this year!!

  2. What a great recap of last year! Love it! Hey and there is a hat so you can wear that instead of showering on Sunday for the class picture! LOL! Sorry just had to say it!

  3. OMG could I look dorkier!!! Sheesh

  4. All I have to say is I SOOOO want your camera ;) They take the best pics ever.

  5. oh I so wish I could be there! Have as much fun this year as last!