Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spring '11 Two Women's Barn Bazaar

It's been a week...I'm still reminiscing a bit about the beautiful Sunday spent at the Two Women Barn Bazaar.  A perfect day for live country music, fair food and a ton of beautiful friends who appreciate old junk just like me!  The talented Vendors all lined up in pretty little rows with wonderful vintage finds.  Even though the day was a little soggy, the spirit of junking friendship and love was abound and all around.     So if you didn't make it out last weekend, no worries...another date is scheduled for the fall.  The two, Two Women, Fielding and Diana, also have the Christmas Barn Bazaar at the Palouse Grange.  Just as with the earlier spring show at Funky Junk (my favorite show!! :} ), excitement fills in the air regarding the upcoming junking season and all the pleasantries a Spokane spring brings!!  I came home with just a few irresistible favorite being my 'manny quinn' aka Brad Pitt Model, and also love love my vintage scale which now adorns my cupboard top in my kitchen & serves as a conscious reminder to healthy eating!.

'people's bank altimeter...for measuring skirts, interest rates and pile of money'...Hollie is so excited to with her new multi-purpose ruler! 

what!?! a male 'manny quinn'...and vintage to boot!?!   This guy is beautifully built...and as an added body hair!!

Two Women Barn Bazaar is most unique because of it's own show venue property.  Every day, Fielding and Diana are so lucky to wake up and get to enjoy the amazing rolling hills views, flowering fields and their beautifully displayed and repurposed vintage treasures.  Here's a sample of a few...


a gift for Zackie...his favorite now!

I remember that old Canada Dry Shelf rack...looks like an old Ballyhoo Girl piece!

I so badly want one of these!!  Someday... {{{dreamy}}}

here little ms kitty...

Part shopping cart, part wagon...Love this repurposed piece!

Loving this style of this little barn Ballyhoo girl!!  (Erin, your daughter is amazingly beautiful!)

I know I 'want' this...but with such a soggy I 'need' it?

Shhh...It was Sunday and I skipped out on matter, the Lord is always with me. :)

Michelle...A gal pal who I always find the good stuff from...

I don't remember this dolly's name, but when I had one like her, I called her "bitshy"...nice!

Beauty of Junkin...Buying Old American!  Whenever you can...Buy American!!  

I love, love, love Smokey the Bear...reminds me of my dear grandma Campbell and camping days with him and grandma as little girl.

New bathroom scale for me...It really works...I just have to re-balance it... I so don't weight 240lbs...gasp!

Also if you miss out, Two Women is open on the weekend.  What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.  Thank you Fielding and Diana for sharing your junking love!!

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  1. Fun day, Chrissy! Wish I (we) had been there! Great pics, as usual. Oh, and her name is Mrs. Beasley! She was from the awesome show that was one of my faves when I was little, Family Affair. I never had the doll though. She was the doll of the little girl named Buffy. Her twin bro was Jody. They had a teenage sis named Sissy and they lived in a modern city apt. with their Uncle, Bill. Ringing a bell? :) You were kinda young and maybe they were all reruns cause I was really young then too! :) ~Debbie