Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clean Smiles love Paper Napkins!

I was getting little touches done around the house today in preparation of the upcoming Big Turkey Holiday, when I came across a little collection I had forgotten about...Paper Napkins.  Ironically, I LOVE paper napkins!  In fact, unopened assorted packages from estate sales are stacked in my pantry!!  It's funny how you love something and have no memory of how your obsession or collection began and then, "whaalaa", there it is...the person, or reason, it all started!  For me, it was my Grandma, with whom I share this secret obsession.  Shortly after we moved her from her home, I somehow took ownership of a large bag of assorted paper lovelies. Since there was so much emotion, not to mention chaos at the time, I'm only glad these little treasures didn't become a landfill addition!!  They are not worth much, not even the paper they are printed on LOL...but they are priceless to me.  Since grandma came from such humble beginnings, these little pieces were something pretty, and inexpensive, to help create holiday cheer.  That's why I like them too.  


However priceless these festive papers are, I'm in the mood to trim my extensive collection(s). So this year, I'm sharing my obsession (our obsession) and I'm putting these out for friends and family to enjoy too.   Not to worry, I've kept one of each of these for my beloved scrapbooking, a little treasured memento!  It's funny how just little simple pleasures can bring cheer to a holiday and bring on a smile too...and in this'll be a clean one! :)

"Thanksgiving...the golden time of year when hearts are happier, joys are deeper, and blessings are rich and abundant"  the Napkin

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  1. I love them too!..I share this obsession with my mom and her mom too=)...I love the idea of using the mix for a meal!