Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Event of a Lifetime! The Creative Connection Event in Minneapolis Minnesota

Every once in a while an ‘Event’ will occur that is life changing.  Now what if there is an ‘Event’ that changes hundreds of lives…maybe even a thousand or more?   A week ago today, I was at such a happy place; a gathering of creative women who were there to encourage, inspire and teach, not on a specific craft or technique, but on the wholeness of being a creative woman and making a business of it.  Let me share some of my story of the The Creative Connection Event.  I can tell you that this AWESOME event was multi-facetted; attendees were there for different reasons and their options were plentiful.  There were big creative names in the craft-industry such as Amy ButlerRee DrummondMaryJane Butters, and one of my Spokane local favorites, Serena Thompson (thanks for the autograph Serena!).   There were teachers sharing their crafty trade secrets such as Wendy Addison and Jenni Bowlin (have fun in Greece Jenni!).  These two ladies were, and are, my favorites!   But then there were those women who weren't so famous yet...and I use the word 'yet' loosely!  I was surrounded by amazing women; passionate about something they love to create and wanting to scream on the highest mountain, "hello, I have something at share!".  I can tell you, our creative sisterhood is rich!  
So the The Creative Connection Event was divided into a Business Building section for both digital businesses and building (brick and mortar), then there was the crafty (make it herself) section...this is where I got to meet Jenni and Wendy.  Next was the Handmade Market...there was some SERIOUS talent going on here.... I'll share that in a moment!!  And lastly, the creators of the event coupled the weekend with the fabulous vendors at the Junk Bonanza.  If you are into the junking world...this was your heaven! (I'll share pictures of this later in the week)

Here's some eye candy, the Handmade Market...
Made by Holly and Becky of All That Glitters, From Spokane!

 All That Glitters again

Cute Sunflowers...just looks like fall!

Soft Paris Pillow...no need for more words..

Love the "friendly" detail!

Lisa Souers...a Farm Chicks Show favorite!

Some of Lisa Souer's beautiful work!

In the coming months...I plan to share and introduce my favorite vendors...Truly, I just loved them all!

Then there were the guest speakers who shared their stories, their time, and most importantly, their encouraging words.  I didn't get very many pictures of the speakers, but here are a couple...

Serena Thompson of the Farm Chicks

my new autographed The Farms Chicks Christmas Book!

the amazing MaryJane Butters of MaryJanes Farms...geez, I look goofy and star struck!

Then there are the new friends and some really good old ones...

Hollie of Funky Junk, Gail, aka mom, and me...salute to friendship!

Becky (left) and Holly (right) of All That Glitters, and the beloved Celeste Shaw of Chaps Coffee Company and Restaurant...Love that girl and her place!

Rolane of Vintage Barn...you have to meet her...so sweet!

The incredible photographer...check her out...it's Tiffany of The Fancy Farmgirl

Timi of Come Junk with Us!...check out this link for her upcoming October show!

This sweet lady is Virginia of The Rusty Bird...she is an original!

Amber with Tres Birds

And Elaine with TinkerVerve who is the sweetest countrygirl...pictured with Lisa and Rolane.

Post 'event' evening out...with some friends

So...I guess before I close my longest post ever...I should thank the amazing women that made this incredible weekend possible...Thank you Jo Packham of Where Women Create and  Nancy Soriano of Country Living Magazine...
Amazing Jo Packham

Jo and the equally amazing, Nancy Soriano...Truly the Dynamic Duo!! 

Because of the two of you, lives changed in just a weekend...and in that same weekend, you helped create in lifetime of memories and friendships...for this we all thank you!!!

Happy Trails my Friends...I hope your week is a creative one!


  1. Oh, I feel like I was there all over again!! Thanks for sharing all of your great photos!! I want to learn to blog like you=)

  2. Hi Chrissy! I just wanted to let you know, I blogged about the Angel's Attic show and mentioned you in the post! It was so great meeting you and hopefully will run into you again SOON!

  3. It was great to meet you at Ruffles and Rust and will be looking at the lovely blogging for dummies real quickly!

  4. Hi Chrissy!
    Sorry to contact you here - I don't have your contact info! I am getting ready to apply to the Farm Chicks show - you said you would pitch for me - any help/kind words would be so appreciated, especially since she right up front says NO APPLICATIONS FOR JEWELRY. arg.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!