Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Introducing www.MermaidsoftheLake.com

I am so pleased to announce...I Have a Job!!!  A couple months ago, I was at an event with the Beautiful Women of Mermaids of the Lake e-Zine, Shelley and Debbie.  We had been kinda talking about me joining the group to sell advertising for their magazine and blog, but they were serious now and the timing was absolutely perfect, because so was I.  I had literally been in the shower just prior to the event, saying a little prayer for guidance in my 'working' future.  So right there at the All that Glitter pre-Christmas Event came the offer...and an immediate acceptance...whoo hoo!!  

Today is my first day (we waited for the holiday hullabuloo to pass) so I want to invite you to take a look and the FABULOUS things these ladies are doing.  This is an awesome women's lifestyle magazine available only online and it's FREE!!!  It's very cutting edge as one of the first e-Zine's in the Inland Northwest. (if not the 1st of it's kind!)  It's full of amazing stories about women here in the Northwest and beyond, has crafting, recipes, gardening, you name it...all the things we girlies like and love...including stories for the Merman!!!  

Check it out www.MermaidsoftheLake.com.  Remember it's only online and new issues produced out every two months.

Then there is their daily blog... www.MermaidsoftheLake.typepad.com and their Facebook at Mermaids of the Lake.  I hope you take a few moments and check us out today!!

Ohhh and if you're interested in advertising...we specialize in ALL business sizes (1 to 1-million), drop me an Email

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