Sunday, January 2, 2011

Little Resolutions to make a change - #1 Hand Written Letters and Notes

I am completely a resolution-type person.  Any reason to make myself better, as a mom, a friend, or generally as a person, sounds good to me.  And since I seem to enjoy a good challenge…I seem to strive for more than one resolution.  Like so many others, I believe the beginning of the New Year is a great time to start, but really I find myself making new resolutions all throughout the year (sometimes even restarting J). 

So there’s common ‘biggie’ resolutions such as weight loss (which I need to do), getting organized (need to do that too), and smoking (which thankfully, have never needed to do) but what about the little ones that really can change your life and maybe even impact the lives of others.  Prior to the end of last year, I began to think of the little these things.  And by no means are these earth quaking or earth shattering things, but maybe they can produce a little happiness, or a smile, or who knows…maybe world peace!!  So here are some simple ‘little’ resolutions I plan to follow…

Little Resolution #1 – Hand Written Letters and Notes

Write more notes and letters – Remember the Post Office???  Remember those cute stamped letters that came in the mail?  For me, the personal handwritten envelope is the first item ripped opened...always.  In fact, our mailbox has become largely just a junkmail-only receptacle as much of the important information comes straight to email, making wasted and unorganized, unfiled paper a thing of the past.

So this year, I vow to bring back the lost art of letter writing!!  This rebirth started at Christmas when the kids gave the gift of stationary and stamps to theirs grandmas and aunties.  Surprisingly, it was not that easy finding these stationary packs. My local Hallmark store did not have stationary packs and when I did find them at my beloved Target store, I bought the last four packs.  (Perhaps to time of the year had something to do with it too?) Regardless, this is a great way for the kids to practice their writing and have a memento to cherish from the loved ones about the days we live today...Such a Loaded Gift!!

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  1. I love letter writing and real mail! Good for you!!