Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reflecting on a Wildflower

The past few weeks have been just a pounding of either snow or rain.  The snow, I love...the rain, I not so much!!  Today the sun is peeking though a foggy blanket...still too cool to go out and play...a good day to stay inside and get things done in here.  As I was cleaning some pictures off my computer I ran into this little beauty...

I took it during one of our camping trips last summer.  Grant was driving and we came upon the rolling Palouse hills just covered in beautiful wildflowers (or something a farmer planted??)  Anyway, I love this photograph and this little girl!  It reminds of one of my favorite songs (Gracie's too) Wildflower by The Jane Dear Girls.  If you haven't heard it yet...Check it out!

Ahhh...warm spring days...come home soon!

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