Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentines made easy...for a 6-year old

As soon as the last christmas decoration was put away gracie-girl was all over me to get valentine’s day going.  Since I do such a big christmas in the décor department, getting the enthusism to decorate like a crazy woman is just not in the …let say “cards”?  By mid January, both kid’s teachers had sent out the “student lists” and now we were faced with the excitement (gracie) and the dread (mommy) of getting this job done.  Did you notice that it was only days after Christmas (or was it just days before?) that he stores were packed with v-day choices?  Zackie’s decision was quick and clear thanks to Toy Story 3 J, gracie, on the other hand, had a bigger vision in mind (I love that kid!!).  I’m so very happy to report, it wasn’t that bad and they turned out pretty cute! This creation began (how most of our projects do) with a trip to our beloved local Joann Fabrics. scrapbook paper (on sale for $25 each...whoo-hoo) and a simple foam monkey package that included letters and glittery hearts.  I prepped everything for her before hand so all she had to do was stick it together.  Part of the prep time was spent by us finding cute knock-knock jokes…let me tell you from experience…1st graders love knock-knock jokes!! 

prep tray with all the pre-cut cards...thank you dusty old Cricut machine, you made the heart cutting so simple!

This was really only part I had to help with...attaching the Knock-Knock Jokes!

After my part was done, Gracie matched each knock-knock joke for each class mate and then she used the foam letters for each classmate's's the finished product...

  I can't believe we are actually ready for Valentines Day with over 2-weeks to spare!

Easy, Fast, Fun and Done!  Kid Tested, Mother Approved!  


  1. These are adorable!!! it is days like this I wish My niece was 6 again! Love the pictures!

  2. Oh my oh my! Very cute and amazing!! Hollie