Sunday, February 6, 2011

Papyrus, Glitter and Tea...some of my most favorite things!

I love special moments when I can get-away for a bit a do some right-side brain creating!!  It's especially wonderful doing so with friends!  Elaine of Tinker Verve is always in the creative and inspiring mood and lucky for me, I was able to enjoy her warm beautiful home, her amazing party atmosphere and all the awesome ladies she gathered for a great artistic, fun afternoon.

The event was so short drive north of Chewelah...but because my "bestie", Melanie, doesn't like to be late (I always am late), we headed out a little too early for our girlfriend-day gave us time to do a little gambling...  

I shoulda known when to walk away...lost $20 :(
Taerrah won...good thing for a college student

OK...back to the story...

Elaine is so lucky...her place is majestic!!  It's over the river and through the woods but not really too far out.  And when we got was SO worth the drive...

Sweet little gift bags...filled with fun embellishments and a handmade Tinker Verve original...

Beautiful Decorations...little reminders of love...'girl-love' that is! 

Let the creation-inspiration begin...
The extremely talented and gorgeous "All That Glitter" Girls, Holly and Becky, helped put together this amazing day (sorry...only got 'talking' pics of the girls...not good)

So we created...a little glitter here...and there. Folding paper, old dictionary and sheet music...and then more glitter until finally we got this...

and this...

Jill's "bird"


Then...tummy time spoilings

These are AMAZING Cake Truffles...They are SOOOOO Good...Had three and I don't even won't to know the Weight Watcher Points!  I'm in LOVE!

This was such a wonderful day of laughter, fun and love...with a beautiful picture to cherish our day at the end...Thanks Elaine (and Holly and Becky too!)

(picture from Tinker Verve)

Elaine has a amazing blog with future classes...tell her the Ballyhoo Girl sent you!

Thanks for Visiting!

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