Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Creative University Sneak Peek...shhhhhhh!

If you are attending the amazing Ms. Tresa Black's CreatU 2011, here is a little Sneak Peek...

Welcome to the Introduction to Using Fabric Scrapbooking, a mini-class!!  This “Sweet” little project is a hybrid, using both paper mixed with fabric.  It was developed with skill-set in mind (and time too), so even if you are not a sewing kind of gal, you will be comfortable in this class...it is for beginners!  Recent trends in scrapbooking have been putting in and sneaking in all kinds of fabric/sewing techniques; the creativity is endless!  Most everything will be supplied but just a couple things you will need prior to class.  On the list if it indicates a shared item, just remember in each class 14 people will be sharing.  If you do not share (or play) well with others you can bring your own J  The (*) indicates the required items!

Bring with you:
* -Embroidery needle
* -DMC Embroidery GREEN Floss #699
* -Tape Runner (what ever you use will be great!)
* -Pins (about 15 to 20, Iron-heat resistant is best)
Corner Punch (shared item)
Decorative Punch - Martha Stewart Arch Lattice (at Michaels)  (shared item)
Decorative Punch – Fiskars Apron Lace (at Joanns and Michaels) (shared item)
3-d Adhesive Foam (optional)

Optional but highly recommended…expand into your creativity...Any red, brown, green cream and white buttons, vintage items like a wooden nickel or a milk pug...be ready to embellish!

Last week we had the fasted CU contest ever and we also had 2 winners!! Congrats to Dawn Felgar and Amy White...collect your prize during class on Saturday!!  I thought it would be fun to visit the video of my inspiration (for the contest only) ...but after seeing it again, I'm SOOOO glad to be a Country Girl!!


  1. What a great idea!! And so beautiful!!

  2. cool...will your items to bring list be on tresa's list too?

  3. HOly guacamole, batman! I can not WAIT to make this! This is totally up my alley!


  4. i love this project*! Thanks for the inspiration!=)Hollie

  5. Love the little red fabric flowers! So sweet!!!
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    Glad & Celia