Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring will be here's at Trellis Marketplace Now!

Promoting women's businesses (men's too) at Mermaids of the Lake Magazine, means going out and seeing the endless creativity and inspiration here in the Inland Northwest.  Sadly, since I was in such a little kid coma for so long, some amazing businesses went right over my radar and are, only now, coming into sight.  On Saturday, my sweet girlie-friend Christy and I made our way to a great shop in Spokane Valley.  This shop's is appropriately named The Trellis Marketplace, as this store was packed with great things for your garden, and even beyond, for the inside of your home.

The Trellis Marketplace has a balanced mixture of new and vintage collections.  It is packed with unique items that give an outdoor living space indoor comforts...for example, check out these fans...

Meet Starla...she is working tirelessly right now, creating amazing, decorative potting/gardening tables.  She also created great little planters with rustic items from the hubby's workshop...(but because I'm sometimes an airhead...I forgot to take pictures of the potted plants in the cool rustic please go check her out!)

But here's some pics I did get...

These are table runners!!  They are SO cute cool!  I came home and showed Grant...reminding him of yet other reason we need a lake house property!!

Mom, I know you'll love these...

Starla makes these Garden Tool Carriers...Love them!!!

Little pieces of vintage items are throughout the store...making it feel like home!!

Look who's on the shelf in the kitchen area...Serena of Farm Chicks!!  That book will flying off the shelf soon!

Starla took us in the back where she is prepping for an amazing Open House April 16th.  She has tons of iron pieces perfect for any size garden...or yard for that matter.

 Check her out and tell her that the Ballyhoo Girl sent you!
After all...

Thanks for Visiting!

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  1. Hey! It was so much fun visiting you today! I love your new blog, and Cel & I love getting out to the Trellis ever so that store! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    In your previous post, vactioning in Disney Land, so happy I got to see your family together...adorable.
    Keep up the great work, with family & job and we'll see you soon.

    XO Glad & Celia