Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Days are Long, and the Years are Short

Here at the Dunhams, we are on the edge of Spring Break.  With rebirth and renewal in sight and already in our hearts, the rain and wind at our windows acts as a major road block, a giant hurdle to spring.  So, we patiently wait...ohhh so patiently for Spring to arrive.  Zack has been in behavioral funk and Gracie can't wait for warm sunny says... she asks, everyday, it's going to be spring yet?  

Since early release this week has created an abnormal routine...I wanted to break away with the kids...look old mother nature in the eye and say "we're coming out to play bring it on!"

A quick stop for a Happy Meal made me 'mom of the day'...(ugh...not my favorite!)  But they are 'Lovin it'

And a push on the swing reminded me of the blessings I take for granted...the laughs, the giggles, the discoveries.  They are easy to overlook when cabin fever, mixed with a little stress, takes over your life...

Somedays, I am not mom of the day.  But no matter how our day is going, I am always mindful that the days are long and the years are short, and I must stop and take a breath and enjoy more of these break-away moments.  God bless the little one being little!

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  1. Love the title=) My favorite mommy mantra to pass along! Nice photos of fivemile!!
    HI Z & G=)