Saturday, April 9, 2011

Funky Junk Day 1

Wow, What a day!!  It's been said a pictures worth a 1,000 words and since I'm so stickin tired so I'll just put up some pics of what you can see tomorrow...It's been put out for sale tomoroow...and all must go!

 How Springy is this little lamb??

 Spring break luggage!

 Found this little girl on my way out the door...needless to say the girls at the office will be SO jealous of my new card holder!

I'm now gonna rest in my nest...good night...good funky junk dreams!!


  1. Love your pics Miss Christy!!! Still love that Liam liked the Scrubbing Bubbles guy=)...what a score on the Mermaid!

  2. Great Pics Sweetie! I loved seeing you this weekend and all the girl talk we got to have (car info, etc.) your so smart!!! I'll let you know what happens!
    Love your mermaid cute! We'll see you out junking for sure.

    XO Glad & Cel

  3. Hi Chrissy,

    Came across your site whilst searching for the definition of "ballyhoo girl" online -- of which there's rather scarce info.

    On the off chance you weren't familiar, thought I'd mention that Mark Knopfler (formerly of Dire Straits) seems to love you :-) Your profile mentioned that you like country and some rock, and Knopfler did a song on his 2003 solo album The Ragpicker's Dream called "Devil Baby" -- it's a truly wonderful and beautiful song, and the end of the first stanza goes like this:

    "I love the Ballyhoo Girl, but she don't care...
    it's hard to find love anywhere; hard to find love anywhere..."

    It's really worth checking out for the beauty of the song itself, but figured you might appreciate considering he's apparently specifically singled you out! :)

    Cheers from Texas,