Sunday, August 22, 2010

Junk in Alaska?

Really we could have done a lot more, but we had only about 36 hours to squeeze in visiting mixed with a little fun before our flight back home.  And honestly, we were a totally wiped out from all the fishing we had done during the past week.  Previous trips to Alaska had offered some tourist excursions outside the Anchorage proper already, and the one thing about seeing Alaska, you must either go big, or go home!  So when my long-time friend suggested junking, well you can see why she's my friend!!  Here is the Pack Rat Antique Mall and it is PACKED with great little finds!  We were in there for a few hours and I seriously could have pulled a sleep-over in there just like Novalee in movie Where the Heart Is.

Look at this big wall of vintage lovin! Favorite colour combination! 

LOVE THIS!!  Isn't it true???

This is just a great grandma memory!!

So then Tracy and I went to the Saturday Market so we could maybe get some fresh items.  I know everything is bigger in Alaska, but really...this is something!  Note: the drink in the pic is just a 16oz latte.  This produce was mammoth, and so was the prices!

No wonder milk is $5 per gallon (or more)'s all shipped in from the lower 48 states!

So when we were done, we picked up the boys and headed towards Girdwood to Alaska's Most Famous Cajan Restaurant in the Mountains, Double Musky Inn.  This place had the most incredible food I have tasted in quite sometime, and the atmosphere was extremely funky!!  When you prepared for a long wait when you get there.  We stood outside for over an hour...lucky for us, the bar serves outside so as you are drinking a cocktail and visiting, it doesn't seem that long.

The Incredibly Beautiful drive...these pictures can not even begin to capture the massiveness of the mountains or the beauty.

The Double Musky

 Waiting area with Tracy :)

And then some off the sights once was very crowded and dark so not too many pictures...but very Funky!


I believe this is my old life-sized barbie??

So glad to see the more Doctors recommend smoking Camels than any other cigarette...why...because less throat irritation.  Good to know!

 Grant and I with our long time Alaskan Friends...we miss you already!

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