Monday, August 23, 2010

Sandpoint Idaho Prepares for Funky Junk!

I can't believe what I'm about to say...I am so done with vacationing!!  I apologize to those of you who desperately NEED a vacation, and now wish to punch me in the face for saying that.  But after 3-weeks of being away, I am totally recharged and I can't even WAIT to get back into my routine!  I'm also so very anxious for the Funky Junky weekend to arrive.  In fact, as soon as we returned home tonight, I started going through the shelves in our shop, writing my "to-do" list to get it done.   So much to clean, paint and create, and as always, so little time!  I'll get done with what I can, and look forward to the cooler months to get done with even more.  What I really enjoyed on my way out of town this evening was the frequent sightings of perfectly placed Funky Junk Posters!!  Our FJ Princesses, Hollie and Jennifer, have been very busy, helping ensure the people of Sandpoint, and beyond, know of this monumentous event!  At several gas stations, restaurants, and I'm guessing a few boutiques and antique stores, you will see the beautiful red, bicycle signs.  I thought I'd make this into a little adventure...Here are some signage samples...

This one is at a Conoco Station on Hwy 200

This is at another service station along the way...

Funky Junk Followers:  Place a comment below to where you have spotted/seen a Funky Junk Poster...the winner will be picked randomly, and a gift from me will be at the show for pick-up for you (the winner)!!  This prize will be announced next Sunday, August 30!!

This is what to be on the look out for...Get your binoculars, or better yet, take a pic and go out FJ hunting today!

Thank you for following...Happy Trails my Friends!

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