Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We got Mail!!

I love this new little dearly discarded conversion into something reusable new...

To somewhat conceal our unsightly downstairs electric panels, I placed an old schoolhouse chalkboard over them.  Immediately the kids loved this idea as they quickly started using it as a menu board for their adjoining restaurant play kitchen (who knew??).  Unfortunately, the giant chalk pieces and erasures proved to be more on the accidental side just laying around on the was a quick, and I must say, cute solution.  I found this great little mailbox, sanded paint off the embossed edges and polished it more mess and such a cute universal toy for the kiddos.  And get this...Gracie enjoys using it as a mailbox too (again, who knew?)  I love not having grinded chalk in the carpet and can now enjoy some pretend Vechbol Sop (Kindergarteners Vegetable Soup)

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